Agrarian Tool

logo mosaico extremadura planta

The abandonment of agricultural activities has become more intense in mountain areas. This abandonment increases the combustible material that proliferates without management. Agriculture can be an active tool for the prevention of fires, for several reasons: in principle by investing the abandonment and by recovering productive agricultural spaces to abandoned forests, to transform productive areas into firebreaks, with plantations that are more resilient to fire. Finally, because agriculture is an essential part of an integrated management of natural spaces. On this website we will see useful testimonials and information on progress.

Cattle Tool

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Before the mountains and the fields were clean, because they were the appetite of all kinds of livestock. The fires are the result of the gradual disappearance of this important partner of the economy and rural culture. To effectively protect ourselves from fires, we must give cattle the rank of firefighters. We will report on this initiative and this tool.

Forestry Tool

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Forestry has been until now, the protagonist of fire prevention management. In the mosaic project, forests occupy their place within an integral vision, with fragmented landscapes and with the involvement of other agro-livestock activities. The mountains must return to their original formations, more resistant to fire and of greater economic and landscape value. In addition, the mountains must be productive, because they will be clean and guarded. There are many actions that can be performed with this tool.

Peri-urban Environment Tool

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The bell represents our people and is red in our logo, because this was the instrument that was traditionally used to warn that the fire was coming …

The peoples and their inhabitants must contribute commitment, policies and management to the prevention of fire, and in this section we will see that it is being implemented. Let’s avoid together, let the bell ring again, announcing a catastrophic fire like the one in 2015.

Civil Tool

Civil society mobilized in 2015 as never before. We will follow your initiatives and proposals for a change of paradigm, in the management of our territory of Sierra de Gata and Hurdes.